About Clinical Massage Sessions 
Kirsten Kern, PhD, LMTI

Are you looking for some relief from acute or chronic discomfort or pain?  Look no further.  Many muscle problems are caused and perpetuated by trigger points and myofascial dysfunction.  Clinical Massage Therapy (CMT) incorporates Trigger Point Therapy,  Myofascial Release, Acupressure, and other advanced massage techniques to relieve musculoskeletal pain and increase range of motion.  

CMT helps to resolve problems related to pain conditions, chronic postural dysfunction, decreased range of motion, repetitive use injuries, and other muscular pathologies.  CMT is NOT a full body massage.   Instead your massage will be focused on the areas causing the discomfort.  This profoundly healing work will be customized for your needs. Hot or cold packs are complimentary parts of the session if indicated.

Dr. Kirsten Kern is known by her nickname “Stan,” and she calls her CMT work “Deep Therapeutic Massage with Stan” for booking purposes.  If you would like to discuss this massage, please start the conversation by sending her an email.

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